Lactose free life

If you have a chronic pain condition you’re probably already looking for easy food options but factor in not being able to eat particular things and it gets tricky…

Because I’m lactose intolerant, the chronic pain cookbook is made up of lactose free meals. And for me, this does include a number of substitute products which I thought would be helpful to go through.


I use oatly oat milk. I don’t have milk in tea or coffee so I’m not sure how well that works but it’s great for cooking and the chocolate flavoured one heated up makes an easy but yum hot chocolate. I also use oatly cream if I ever want cream but haven’t tried cooking with it.

The alternative milk market is growing and as well as oats, you can get soya, almond, coconut and Lactofree.


I have just discovered the amazingness which is coconut collaborative yoghurt. I love it so much. Add fruit. Add crushed meringues.  And I’m not even a yoghurt fan!

I tried the m&s coconut yoghurt yesterday and it’s almost as good…


Pure sunflower spread (pure is the brand, not a description!)  has always been my preferred option but again the market is expanding quickly so there are now lots of options.


(these are milk products with lactose removed and may not be suitable for all intolerances/allergies)

Lactofree cheese – they sell two kinds of hard cheese and one soft cheese. For some reason the soft cheese makes me ill despite containing the same levels of (very low) residual lactose. Hard cheese wise I strongly recommend the mature over the other one. It’s got a much better flavour, texture and melting ability. Think of the mature one more like a cheddar and the other like an edam.

Marks and Spencer lactose free mozzarella – I tried this for the first time this week! And it is good on pizza! I don’t know how it compares to normal mozzarella though as I only ever had it in mozzarella sticks…

Ice cream

Swedish glace vanilla was my go to in terms of ice cream for a long time. It’s fairly cheap and reasonably easy to find. Obviously one of the difficulties with fresh/frozen food is that it’s harder to buy online (if your online supermarket doesn’t sell it).

Booja Booja (also do chocolates) make a very nice chocolate ice cream. I’ve not had their other flavours but, based on the chocolates I’ve had from them, I suspect they don’t make a bad thing!


Also there are a lot of things you expect to contain dairy which don’t. For example…

  • Jus roll croissants, pain an chocolate, cinnamon rolls, pastry
  • Bourbon biscuits, oreos, party rings
  • Mr kiplings jam tarts, Sainsburys jaffa cakes (only the regular sized ones, the mini ones contain milk),doughnuts are often dairy free

There are a lot of ‘accidental’ dairy free/vegan foods, try some of these links for more:

None of these products are giving me anything in return for this post and do check labels as there may be regional variations across the world and also things change…



One thought on “Lactose free life

  1. If you put a spoon of dairy free chocolate spread (we get the natures store brand from Sainsbury’s as it’s the closest to nutella we’ve found, the others taste odd to us) into the coconut yoghurt, it’s like eating happiness in a pot 🙂

    Also, we’ve discovered that Flora Freedom spread behaves the most like butter when you cook with it. Makes nice cakes too. Goat butter is nice as well, particularly for making buttercream icing and fudge!


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